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Please call us for our seasonal information, and service hours. We are not open year round. If you call our telephone it will have an up-to-date message as to our hours. Winter days and hours have been reduced so please call. March and April we are closed for the season and usually we are out of town on our vacation. We close for Thanksgiving and Christmas. So be sure to call us at 1-888-595-4449. 

To get to Mill Creek Resort, go North on I-5 toward Red Bluff. Turn East at Hwy 36
exit. Follow signs to turn off Hwy 99/36 to just Hwy 36. Follow signs to Mineral. At
Mineral turn right at Hwy 172 that will take your right to us. In the winter Hwy 172 is closed at Mineral. Proceed on Hwy 36, 10 miles beyond Mineral, over Morgan Summit & turn right on Hwy 172, the other side. Or just call us for
directions from your location. Thank you.

Main Contact:

Mill Creek Resort

40271 Hwy 172

Mill Creek , Calif. 96061

United States

Phone Number : 888-595-4449 ( toll free)

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